A Meal with Friends at Ballinamore

by | 13th December 2019

A relaxing drive through the Irish countryside can lead you to some wonderful places. The route to Ballinamore certainly passes some eye-catching scenery as the road meanders through a series of quiet villages that no matter how small always seem to have a pub that doubles as something else. Ballinamore is no exception and is only approximately a thirty minute car drive away from here at Bramblewick House.

The main high street has ample parking and we easily found a space right outside the front door of a popular eatery. The Commercial & Tourist Hotel has a bar area that welcomed us in with a warming fire and Christmas decorations. The decor may appear dated but it is a really cosy place to be. As we entered and headed towards a group of tables, a friendly member of staff swiftly came over to ensure we had enough space to sit together and we had everything we needed.  Drinks were ordered at the bar but were always brought over to the table by staff. It was a nice touch ensuring that the person tasked with getting them in didn’t have to stand around waiting for them. There are the usual drinks that you would expect to find in a pub.

Bramblewick House Ballinamore

The extensive menu and specials board displayed the usual meals that you would expect to see in a pub at a decent mid-range price and we found the staff to be very accommodating and efficient when we ordered our food. Everyone ordered something different and, when our order arrived, every meal was well presented and there was plenty to eat. There was so much on a plate that the potatoes arrived in a separate dish. You know a meal is good, when everyone goes quiet.

A wonderful array of puddings are available for those who have a sweet tooth and coffee is available for those who don’t. All were well presented and clearly met with approval because every plate was cleared. The most unusual dish of the the afternoon was the sherry trifle.The bottom part tasted like the usual trifle bottom but almost done as a a smoothie with solid fruit, covered with a thin later of the custard later, topped with ice cream. Not what I expected at all but still jolly nice and I would order it again (if I didn’t get tempted by their other sweet treats).

Overall, the Commercial & Tourist Hotel is easily accessible from the road, the staff are welcoming, the food is good solid fare and well worth the price. Overall, we would eat there again.

Bramblewick House Ballinamore

Bramblewick House Ballinamore


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